Do you sometimes feel like your responses to things are bigger than the situation calls for?  Like they are not only a result of your current circumstances but all your “old stuff” too?  That’s because they probably are.  It affects your ability to have healthy relationships with family or friends, affects the way you parent or function in your love relationships. We see the world through a lens that includes all of our past experiences (sometimes really OLD ones) and this effects how we view the world!

I’ll tell you a secret; it affects how everyone else sees the world too!  Untangling all that old “stuff” can be very difficult.  Sometimes trying to do that alone can feel impossible. It can be useful to have someone who can help us learn to be in the now and aware of our unresolved emotions from our past. 

Most of the time, trying to untangle things on our own gets confusing and jumbled.  This is because we continue to feel as though we need those old defenses to survive and we struggle to let them go.  Having someone to help us unravel, to guide us through that journey and make sense of the things that don’t make sense, can allow us to feel safe during that process.  We need someone to give us permission to let go of what no longer suites us.  This is a hard process!  It is also the most life altering and inspiring.  I would love to help you walk through that journey. Imagine being able to remind yourself how wonderful and amazing you are while in the middle of a difficult circumstance. Imagine learning how to take care of yourself the way you always wanted to be taken care of. Imagine being able to tell yourself that you will get through this chaotic moment while remembering how strong and capable you are!